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The Old Way

close-squarer Scaling your team to grow your lead pipeline.

close-squarer Scraping the web for more cold-outreach.

close-squarer Blindly sending CVs pro-actively to trigger interest.

close-squarer Spinning references & using talents for insights.

close-squarer Endless RFPs and admin to access PSL, VMS & MSPs.

close-squarer Time waiste on unreliable and outdated leads. 


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The New Way

tick-square Create one optimised profile for unlimited exposure.

tick-square Get matched as best supplier to win exclusive leads.

tick-square Upload your available talents to match jobs for leads.

tick-square Access a public board of leads to 'apply to supply'

tick-square Approved supplier status can be won on each job.

tick-square Access data to assess leads ROI before committing.


Your Business Development on Auto-pilot

Create Your Portfolio

Build your profile, select your recruitment specializations and upload your portfolio of available talents to be matched with clients.


Build Your Job Pipeline

Respond to job invitations from clients seeking your talents and assistance or proactively "apply to supply" for jobs where you feel confident in your ability to help.


Submit Candidates & Bill

Once approved as a supplier on a job, submit your candidates for interview and earn commissions for each successful candidate placement.


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Scale with Premium Leads Tailored to your Expertise

We make sure you don’t waste your time on the wrong leads leaving you with no return, while also risking reputational damage.

Passive Income

We match your pre-qualified and available talent pool with organizations' job openings to grow your business effortlessly.


ROI Check

Analyze each lead's analytics to assess potential ROI and competition before committing as a recruiter.


‘Apply to supply’

Express interest in recruiting for selected job leads and organisation from our public board with a simple click.

Find job post


Receive exclusive invitations to supply by hiring companies thanks to our AI recruiter-job matching, giving you an edge against other recruiters

Pole Position

Your Placement Billable Fast

We streamline the hiring process of your hired resources with organisations handling vetting and compliancy to shorthen the onboarding process amd improve your runner start date.

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"I've discovered a groundbreaking way to enhance my recruitment experience with ICT talents. Transparency builds trust and loyalty, transforming the way I can connect and engage with top talent. This platform is a game-changer."

Thomas Renaers
Senior Contract Manager, Projinit
Barbara van Drooghenbroeck

"HirerPro brings fair competition and transparency to job supply. I strongly support this innovative platform which will be accessible free of charge for all recruiters - register and don't miss-out! "

Barbara van Drooghenbroeck
Business Manager Consulting, Heads & Hunters
Alexandros Anastasiou

"HirerPro is the perfect balance in terms of transparency to candidates and clients. It amplifies my recruitment success by showcasing my specialty and elevating my brand image. With HirerPro, I stay ahead in the industry, increasing efficiency, success rates, and maintaining total transparency"

Alexandros Anastasiou
Recruitment Project Manager, Independent

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