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Transform Your PSL into an Agile and Scalable Powerhouse

Supercharge your organisation with a dynamic and unified recruiter marketplace for quick talent supply.

Specialized Expertise &

Pre-qualified Talent Pools
International Reach &
Local Suppliers
No cure, No pay -
Total Transparency
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Agency Recruiters & Independent Recruiters

A Collective of Vetted & Hyper-Specialised Talent Suppliers

Our vetting process ensures suppliers are confirmed matchmakers and subject matter experts in specific domains, enabling access to the best and passive candidates in niche communities.

Next-Level Supplier Sourcing, Vetting & Selection

Identify the best talent suppliers that are right for your organization and every single job you post.


Empowered Hiring Managers

Provide hiring managers access to their favorite boutique suppliers compliantly without blowing up your Preferred Supplier List.


Fullfilled HR Teams

Reduce time-to-hire, enhance strategic workforce planning, and promote cultural alignment, to build a more fulfilled workforce.

Humanizing Suppliers

We offer granular supplier identification with in-depth recruiter profiles providing unprecedented understanding of their abilities to fill your vacancies

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  • Available Talent Pool
  • Recruitment Specialisation
  • Performance Metrics
  • Market Reputation

Procurement Compliance

Insightful real-time analytics enabling suppliers due diligence for informed decision-making and results guaranteed.


Relieved Legal & Finance

Ensure regulatory compliance, mitigate risks, and maintain budget control and reduction through streamlined supplier management.


Intelligent Job-Supplier Matching

Post Your Job & Conditions

Simply outline your job requirements and conditions, and let our platform handle the rest. You only pay when you hire and what you pay is up to you.

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Approve Suppliers

Evaluate recruiters capabilities and available talents before allowing any to submit candidates optimising speed-quality hiring.

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Hire Your Talents

Interview your selected candidates & send hiring request to the best ones for seamless to proceeding with seamless onboarding of talent.

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The First Platform to Efficiently Collaborate with Suppliers

Control, Transparency, Reliability.

Private or Public Posting

Share job postings privately to your preferred suppliers or publicly to the entire HirerPro recruiter network, maintaining control by approving recruiters' requests to supply.

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Recruiters’ Talent Pool Mathing

Seamlessly tap into our network of recruiters' uploaded talent pools to discover exclusive, pre-qualified candidates that match your job requirements effortlessly.

Hiring Hub

Job-supplier Distribution

Effortlessly distribute jobs to the most capable and qualified talent suppliers based on their specialization and proven track record, ensuring optimal results for your hiring needs.

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Set Bounty Reward ON/OFF

Enhance transparency, control budget and reduce hiring costs by specifying the commission you're willing to pay for each successful hire. Leverage the competitive pricing of our supplier crowd while maintaining control over your budget

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Easy Onboarding & Compliance

Ensure compliance while onboarding suppliers and talents hassle-free. Create a tailored process to streamline onboarding, eliminating scattered data.

Rec profile

"The dynamic job distribution to proven suppliers based on specialisation and past performance is a game-changer. Can't wait to see how it revolutionises our talent acquisition and strengthens recruitment partnerships. The real impact is going to be incredible!"

Kevin Goossens

Lead Recruiter @ Monizze

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