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Elevating Staffing Supplier Competition and D&I to Supercharge CWP

An international collective of boutique staffing firms
& headhunters united as one-supplier,
powered by technology.

Minimum 20%
Talent Price Reduction
Decreased Risk of Compliance
& Rogue Spend
Improved Speed of
Quality Talent Delivery

Onboard Us, As Supplier

Enjoy the benefits of emerging and specialised talent providers in-direct under one-roof or accept to end up hiring their talents through your PSL. 

Talent Provider Sourcing

We discover and access specialized sub-vendors worldwide that are often overlooked & not allowed on traditional PSLs, enhancing your access to hidden niche communities and passive talents.

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Supplier Selection

We use advanced data analytics to meticulously vet and select top-performing boutique sub-vendors and recruiters, ensuring expertise, quality and speed for every job vacancy.


Supplier Management

We efficiently manage and optimize sub-vendors, ensuring performance tracking, compliancy, and recruitment outcomes.

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Our Collective is Vetted, Profiled
& Powered by Data Analytics

Enabling access to the best and passive candidates in niche communities.


Domain Expertise

Our vetting process ensures suppliers are confirmed matchmakers and subject matter experts in their selected domain of specialisation.


Available Talent Pool

Seamlessly tap into our network of suppliers' uploaded talent pools to discover exclusive, pre-qualified candidates that match your clients' job requirements.

Due Diligence

Our vetting process ensures suppliers are confirmed matchmakers and subject matter experts in their respective domain of specialisation.

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  • Empowered Hiring Managers
  • Fullfilled HR Teams
  • Procurement Compliance
  • Relieved Legal & Finance

Performance Metrics

Insightful real-time analytics enabling suppliers due diligence for informed decision-making and results guaranteed.


Market Reputation

Mitigate your risk of working with poor suppliers and look into their reviews and testimonial to assess their level of reliability.

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Efficient Supplier Partnership,
Effective Talent Delivery

Our set of key features:

Private or Public Posting

Share job postings privately to your preferred suppliers or publicly to the entire HirerPro recruiter network, maintaining control by approving recruiters' requests to supply.

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Intelligent Job-Supplier Sourcing System

We match job requirements and conditions to the most appropriate suppliers, factoring in their specialisation, past performance, reputation and available talent pool.

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Suppliers’ Talent Pool Matching

Select the best suppliers to use by tapping into their pre-qualified pools of available talents to assess their supply and access exclusive skills.

Hiring Hub

In-control Supplier Job Distribution

Effortlessly distribute jobs to the most capable and qualified talent suppliers based on their specialization and proven track record, ensuring optimal results for your hiring needs.

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Embedded Right of Representation

With our embedded right of representation feature, we guarantee GDRP compliancy by enabling candidates to validate their application and all information shared on their behalf before it reaches clients. Data privacy and protection matters to us.

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Set Bounty Reward ON/OFF

Enhance transparency, control budget and reduce hiring costs by specifying the commission you're willing to pay for each successful hire. Leverage the competitive pricing of our supplier crowd while maintaining control over your budget

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"The dynamic job distribution to proven suppliers based on specialisation and past performance is a game-changer. Can't wait to see how it revolutionises our talent acquisition and strengthens recruitment partnerships. The real impact is going to be incredible!"

Kevin Goossens

Lead Recruiter @ Monizze

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