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Find you next assignment & freelance safely via recruiters - transparency guaranteed

Move beyond endless job hunting and recruiter spam with a marketplace that keeps you in control and connects you with the best, specialised recruiters and ICT assignment opportunities across Europe.


Find & manage recruiters

Access performance analytics and specialisation details to ensure you’re working with the best recruiters across Europe.

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Access hidden & exclusive jobs

Find meaningful opportunities by working with recruiters with access to strategic, unpublished, and pro-active jobs.

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More application control & transparency

Stay in control of the entire application process from day 1 with an integrated right-to-represent and step-by-step updates.

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A word from the founder

Our mission is to federate the ICT contingent staffing industry by connecting and empowering all stakeholders through a unified platform, fostering collaboration, transparency, informed decision-making , and due-diligence. Join the waitlist as beta tester now!

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There is no transparency, trust, and reliability when it comes to job boards and recruiters

Finding relevant opportunities that match your expertise remains a big challenge. The constant spam from low reputation recruiters. The inability to consent to negotiations and overall lack of transparency in the recruitment process. There’s no way to manage, track, and control applications across the many recruiters and job boards you use. And to top it all off, you’re always in the dark with no way to receive feedback for your applications. It’s a frustrating mess that needs to change.

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Aimless job hunting on job board

  • Countless hours spent sifting through job boards for the right position

  • Little insight into how your resume stacks up against others

  • No way to manage all the applications you have on the go

  • No feedback into application and interview process

  • Inability to assess the reliability of a job posting or organisation

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Low reputation recruiters

  • Recruiters constantly spam you with low-quality opportunities

  • Potential jobs rarely match your expertise and specialisation

  • Virtually no transparency into the contract process

  • Impossible to see where your applications stand

  • No central way to track, control, and manage applications

Talents already love HirerPro's prototype

Fabio Lo Cascio

"I can't wait to use HirerPro to find opportunities abroad and in-remote. It's challenging to get noticed by foreign companies, especially when using job boards. With HirerPro, I can connect and collaborate with local and specialised ICT recruiters throughout Europe, while keeping the control over my applications and ensure transparency!"

Fabio Lo Cascio
IT Freelance consultant
yassin jdaoudi

"HirerPro allows to centralise all my consents to be represented by recruiters and also enables me to follow all my application making me feel in control of my recruitment processes while being able to find and manage recruiters seamlessly."

Yassin Jdaoudi
IT solution architect
marie-amelie stiernet

"The transparency aimed for by HirePro will contribute to increased trust towards the recruitment world and allow me to enhance the quality of my decision process when picking up projects"

Marie-Amélie Stiernet
Change manager consultant

Manage your pool of recruiters, stay in-control of your applications and ensure your business continuity

Regain control over the job discovery process and discover the right opportunities with a platform that rewards you for your specialisations, successful placements, and ongoing relationships with top hiring organisations and ICT recruiters in your field.

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Always know who you’re working with

Make the right decisions by ensuring you’re working with the best of the best. Quickly learn everything you need to know about potential recruiters and hiring organisations. You can see which agency a recruiter works with, their specialisation, history of placements, reviews, and more. All of this information — and more — is directly accessible to you on HirerPro.

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Application Management

Stay in control of the application process 

Maintain full control of the process by validating information and consenting to a right-to-represent from the very beginning. Never be left in the dark again as you receive updates to your application directly from the hiring organisation with the ability to cancel the application at any time should you change your mind or find a position at another company.

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Recruiter Management

One location to manage your recruiters

Bring all your recruiters into one centralised experience — free of charge. Seamlessly work with your preferred recruiters by adding them to a saved list or discover new ones on HirerPro. You can directly communicate with them through HirerPro, track application updates, and instantly notify them of any specific changes. Have a bad experience with a recruiter? Put them on a blacklist and you’ll never have to interact with them again.

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Feedback System

Control over profile display and communication

HirerPro gives you the ability to control what information is displayed on your profile, including the option to remain anonymous. This feature ensures you have full control over who contacts you, preventing unwanted messages from spammy and unwanted suppliers. HirerPro turns the table by allowing you to self-initiate chats, putting you in control and creating a more tailored job search experience.

Streamline recruiter management and access more exclusive jobs in your specialisation.

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